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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  December 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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bills, three do you understand touchdowns. he sort of bailed this football team out tonight, didn't he? >> the teams that win, i think a quarterback has a strong running game. >> reporter: not your best performance obviously. how much of that is because of the knee? how much of that is because dallas played solid defensive football? >> usually i get questions on running. they played tight coverage all game. i think our receivers will learn from this game. >> reporter: talk about the toughness or the men at that time of this football team. seven or eight years ago you guys were left for dead. now division champs here. talk about that and how this seemed to turn around. >> every game was our last game. you could see it in practice what our defense second part of
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the season giving up. keeping us in games and offenses. >> reporter: he is wearing the hat, ladies and gentlemen, nfc east champions. i have no more questions for us r.g. iii. any questions? >> no we are good. i think i want to go home now. >> reporter: he is a good sport. redskins host wild card games next week. it will be the seattle seahawks in town that sunday. they have a pretty sensational rookie. russell wilson tied the record in the season. that record is held by peyton manning. that tells you how good he is. we have 19 hours before the nation heads over the fiscal cliff. senators are in the driver's seat on this and they have until midnight to make some sort of compromise before massive spending cuts and tax increases kick in. randall pinkston has more from
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capitol hill. >> reporter: members of congress left meetings on capitol hill sunday without a deal. hours before the nation is set to fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. >> there is still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue. >> reporter: if republicans and democrats can't strike a deal before midnight monday, taxes will go up for most every american. automatic spending cuts will kick in. millions will lose unemployment benefits. >> i'm willing to get this done but i need a dance partner. >> reporter: republicans introduced but quickly withdrew a proposal to cut the deficit by slowing social security. >> there is a lot of give and take going on right now but republicans don't want to see tax increases used for new
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spending. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was called on to help with the negotiations, this as the white house places a lot of the blame for the impasse on the gop. >> they say their biggest prior is making sure we deal with a deficit in a serious way. but the way they are behaving is their only priority is making sure tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. >> reporter: if a deal isn't reached the president wants to introduce legislation to keep tax cuts for couples earning up to $250,000 a year and to keep unemployment benefits. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. >> if you want the latest information on the fiscal cliff, you go to our home page just click the fiscal cliff banner at the top of the page. dc police are investigating two fatal shootings in southeast over the weekend. early yesterday morning officers found a man unconscious in the 3400 block of crawford place.
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angelo alphonso pane later died at the hospital. saturday night a map was found shot to death on airs place. darnell rivers was found dead inside a car there. investigators have not made any arrest in either cases. prince george's county authorities have now identified the early determinely woman killed friday night in greenville. investigators believe 86-year-old betty starry may have initially escaped a burning town house but went back inside to warn two other people. those two other people were hurt. they are being treated for serious injuries. both of them are expected to recover. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital this morning. doctors discovered a blood clot and they are concerned about that. reporter marley hall has more now from new york. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will spend new year's eve in a new york hospital after doctors found a
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blood clot. the state department issued a statement, saying in the course of a follow-up exam, doctors discovered a blood clot had formed stemming from the concussion she sustained weeks ago. the 65-year-old got her concussion after fainting at home in mid december. the secretary had been battling a stomach virus she contracted during an overseas trip. doctors say the blood clot's location will determine how serious the threat is to her health. >> two possibilities. one is she developed blood clots in her legs as a result of being on bed rest after her concussion. those would commonly be treated with anticoagulants. a second possibility is she developed a subdural hematoma, which means as a result of the blow on her head she broke a small blood vessel on the surface of her brain. >> doctors have prescribed blood thinners and they will keep her in the hospital to see how she
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responds. >> reporter: clinton had been scheduled to testify about the attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. clinton was already scheduled to step down as secretary of state next month. president obama has nominated senator john kerry for her replacement. hillary clinton has traveled more than any secretary of state in u.s. history. she has visited 112 countries, and has been on the road more than 400 days in her tenure. hundreds of thousands of men, women, girls and boys gathered across india sunday. they hold memorials for a 23-year-old gang rape victim who died saturday after being transferred to a hospital in singapore. the woman's attack and now death has sparked debates in india. >> both men and women, we need to raise our voices.
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we see anything wrong happening, we need to raise our voice. with us or in our sur roundings. >> her accused attackers now face murder charges in this case. here are some of the other stories making news noi. nine people are dead, 20 more injured after a tour bus crash in pendleton, oregon. the bus crashed through a guardrail and plummeted down a steep embankment. the bus driver was seriously injured in the crash. a near tragedy in the mountains above los angeles. people were sledding on an icy pond when one male fell through and five rescuers fell into the freezing water. after several failed attempts tossing rope to the victims, all six were brought to shore safely. a good part of new england is going to get to enjoy a white new year's. this is massachusetts. they got up to a foot of snow in
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some places. coastal towns also got rain so they saw little accumulation. time right now is 4:37. good news for families who drink a lot of milk, that is coming up. later, we are going to remember the life of a local musician. stay with us.
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welcome back. the time now is 4:40. olga breese in for howard bernstein. by the time we get past the 9:00 hour, cloud cover starts to sock us in. winds are out of the south and southeast. highs today should make it into the lower to middle range 40s. the big issue involves an accident a tractor trailer a car that collided early this
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morning before 2:00 a.m. the ongoing investigation unfortunately, there was a fatality. between 2 and i-66 some traffic is able to squeeze by. you can just see there with one lane getting by. jessica back to you. the time right now is 4:41. i'm watching your money. asian stock market trading lower. wall street does have a full trading day today. everything can be pinned on when lawmakers have a sign of compromise. the dow is at 12938 after selling off 158 points friday. i'm concerned congress won't be able to pull off a deal. the nasdaq lost more than 25 points and the s & p 500 slid by almost 16.
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nearly 15,000 longshoremen from boston to houston will stay on the job from now. a federal mediator says those contracts will be extended into february. the longshoremen had been preparing to strike sunday and that would have been disastrous. the ports handle 40% of all u.s. container cargo. there is a little news from capitol hill. the top leaders in both parties in the house and senate, agriculture committees have agreed to a one year extension of the 2008 farm bill that expired in october. that should head off the possible doubling of milk prices in the next months. americans face the prospect of paying $7 for a gallon of milk if a deal wasn't reached. >> $7? good morning if you are just waking up. sales spiked this weekend in one of the area's biggest gun shows. more on that area, coming up.
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the reason doctors say parents and schools need to keep extra efforts for students. keep it here. >> it feels sweet man you know. we have got so much more. >> the first time redskins have been champs since 99 and we did it in one year. the sky is the limit for this team. we are definitely looking to capitalize on it this year
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time right now is 4:45. weather first, olga breese is in and it is chilly outside. >> reporter: chilly, at least we are catching a break there. temperatures have really dropped down, we have mainly clearing skies overnight. little bit of the cloud cover is starting to move back in. we are calling it partly cloudy at reagan national. let's take a look right now and see how things are progressing. we have had these cooler temperatures again with
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clearing overnight. the opportunity to get down into the 20s and 30s and we head through the remainder of the morning. right now our day planner is featuring a mix of sun and clouds to start. i think we'll ease through the 30s and into the upper 30s near 40s degrees by noon. with our south winds predominantly south and southwest winds today, that is going to keep things i think a little bit warm for us. at least we'll make it to the middle ranges 40s, about 42 to 46 by early afternoon. but the cloud cover will definitely take over, overcast skies, as you head out for your new year's eve celebrations. the forecast is staying dry. on satellite and radar you can see where the break was just a couple of moments ago. we'll definitely see our cool temperatures remain. right now everyone sitting into the 20s but this is feeling more like the middle range and lower 20s for most of us. as you step out and about.
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you have to get going things will remain dry by noon time today. we have overcast skies taking over, we could see a tiny pop of moisture as you celebrate the new year into early tomorrow morning but i'm not expecting much in the way of rain. as we head into your tuesday forecast a little bit more opportunity if a mix of rain and snow. again no accumulation is expected. let's look at our long range r range plan. highs today should take us into 40s, lower 40s up to the north and toward the west. in all though, we are sticking with a green weather alert. today tomorrow and the next day, you notice a slight slide in the temperatures as we see an opportunity for cooler air to move in, winds are out of the north and northwest. that means the overnight lows are going to definitely drop. that is the only reason why we have a little bit of rain snow mix on this new year's eve day night going into the early morning hours on wednesday.
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then by wednesday the winds are still out of the north but diminished somewhat. temperatures down in the solid 20s inside the beltway, we'll hit the lower 20s outside the beltway and we'll stick with the chillier air through the end of the week friday. once we get to saturday and sunday though, we are still cool. at least we have the sunshine and dry conditions. beverly? the biggest issue is the ongoing investigation of a crash northbound on 28 road right near the i-66 interchange. between 2 centerville and 66. now some traffic is able to squeeze by single file along the left side. there was a fatality, it was a single passenger vehicle that rear-ended a tractor trailer and then caught fire. northbound 28 did squeeze by to the left. lanes are open on 66 itself and
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southbound on 28 from chantilly toward may that's sis park. if you are traveling on the 35, 95 corridor, we anticipate northbound side of 35 volume is light into downtown. no problems individual individual beltway to tell you about. i-27 0 an accident northbound, north of shady grove road and the local lane. the through lanes are open without issue. a southbound 270 crash right before you reach 121 clarksburg should not be an issue for you. next timesaver traffic at 5:00. mike, jessica, back to you. the event called the nation's gun show wrapped up last night. >> reporter: guns have been is he tent soldier of plenty of debate after the newtown shooting. vendors are busy trying to keep up with an increase in sales. >> reporter: the winter weather didn't put much of a dent in
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the turnout at the gun show in chantilly. >> i own firearms, i was in the military. i come out to see what is new. >> reporter: annette elliott runs the show and says ticket sales are up. she points to two factors, president obama's reelection, who is seen by antiguns by some owners, and the calls for gun control in the aftermath of the latest shooting in connecticut that left 20 children dead. >> i think they are afraid something will happen with the gun laws to make it impossible or very difficult for them to purchase firearms or cost prohibitive. in other words two expensive. >> reporter: there is such a demand for guns and ammunition. >> this is the highest we have ever seen it. >> reporter: elliott says one ammunition dealer paid for a table at the show but ended up canceling because they had no ammunition to sell.
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mer lip scales owns rabbit ridge enterprises and he says he has seen more first time gun buyers. scales is struggling to keep certain types of weapons in stock like those with high capacity magazines. that makes sense to him with lawmakers like diane feinstein in california promising to renew legislation to ban certain weapons and limiting the number of bullets a gun magazine can hold. no millions of smokers are resolving to kick the habit, just like they do, they are trying to do it again in 2013. the cdc estimates less than 10% will end up being successful at it. doctors say it takes the average smoker five or six times before they are able to actually give the cigarettes up for good.
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every school should have a nurse and every district should have a physician. that is the opinion of the american academy of pediatrics. doctors and nurses can promote nutrition and physical activities in the schools and manage chronic condaleezza rice like diabetes. recess can be a big part of that for students. the american academy of pediatrics says it is vital. physicians say recess should never be withheld for punishment. lack of activity can lead to poor health and lower grades. we are going to hear reacts from redskins fans a big win over dallas. and to becoming nfc east champions. tomorrow only at the national archives. we'll have more of the local
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preparations to bring in 2013. the redskins have played the cowboys 106 times. how many times have they won? >> 42, 47 or 54. post your guesses and comments on our wusa9 fan page. we'll have the correct answer around 6:50. you are watching 9news. >> feels good for us. this is definitely for the coaching staff. mike shanahan, finally got these guys an nfc championship
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temperatures are chilly this morning. feeling lick the lower 20s. however we will increase the cloud cover by noon time, and late afternoon overcast highs today in the low to mid-40s. local bluegrass legend mike aldridge died saturday of cancer one day shy of his 79th birthday. he was a founding member of the group the selden seeds. he toured with perform mers -- with performers. >> reporter: the notes could be clue and haunting. the late mike aldridge strumming a guitar. >> the guitar was invented in
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the 1920s. >> reporter: aldridge himself is taking it up a notch, or two, or three. >> reporter: it was the cover of mr. aldridge's first album. >> mike was the clint eastwood of music, he was quiet, seemed shy but when he played, it just, the notes and things would just give you a little chill. >> reporter: the owners toured with aldridge. his band played here every thursday night to a soldout crowd for 20 years. it would continue for the next 20 despite changes in the lineup. he even played at a tribute show just this year. but saturday aldridge lost his long battle with cancer.
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>> it is always a shock, especially when you lose a legend and a friend. you know somebody in the business. he will be the king, the man. >> the man the legend, the instrument with his quick moving pick and silent charm. mike aldridge would leave his mark in the world of music, and beyond. mike aldridge is survived by his wife elise and his two daughters. he recently recorded an album which is expected to come out next year. the kardashians are getting a few more headlines before the year is out. at a concert last night rapper kanye west announced kim kardashian is pregnant. the couple went public with their relationship earlier this year after kardashian divorced nba player kris humphries. the hobbits are hanging
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onto the top spot in movie theaters. the hobbit an unexpected journey, the pre impel to the lord of the rings took in $33 million. >> good morning. i can't speak, it is so early because it is 5:00 a.m. of course we have monika samtani out today. we are going to start with olga with the forecast. as we said it is cold but the wind is not an issue at all.


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